Be sure to go to the CONTACT page and email Susan at this point

to make sure the dates are still available before continuing.


                                               1.  On the top of page one, Click Page 1 and then Page 2 below.

                                               2.  Type in the password that was provided to you in Susan's email.

                                               3.  Right Click on each individual page to print.  

                                               4.  Fill out page one, then...

                                               5.  Sign in two places on page 2

                                               6.  FAX or email scan the agreement

                                                    (see other options on the top of page one).


I will personally call you once I see the agreement to take your full credit card number.


Thanks for booking with me!   ~ Susan


NOTE:  You will not be able to access these pages without checking availability with Susan

and then receiving her email.